Useful Tips From The Pros For Those Who Play In Slots


Which slots should I choose for the game? Most profitable for the player are those that have the highest return percentage. It remains to work for small – to calculate such a slot. And here advice will come to help, which professionals know about.

Useful tips from the pros for those who play slots As a rule, in a casino with progressive jackpot, slot machines have a return percentage lower than anywhere else. The top “bar” – 17%, this means that with every $ 100 a player will lose no more than $ 17. On the second place are video slots, in which jackpots are usual. In this case, the chances of winning will not be too good. Thus, the player should be guided by those slot machines, which do not have a binding size of the jackpot to the amount. In this case, the recoil rate can reach 95%.

If you choose a game in slots with a lot of lines, then do not play for small amounts – pennies or cents. You may think that you are saving, but it is not, and your chances of a big win in such a slot machine tend to zero. Professionals give advice – play on slot machines with 9-10 lines, betting at least 5 cents per line and higher. Do not exceed $ 1 for scrolling.

Each player should allocate some amount on the stack (session). When all this amount is lost, it’s a sign that it’s time to stop. Continue to play after a few hours or even days, this is one of the foundations of competent bankroll management, noted professional players.

Also, the pro is not advised to change the pace of the game, accelerating. This is typical of some players who after a while start to hurry. Meanwhile, too fast play – spin behind – is akin to the continuous reception of alcohol glass after glass. You do not need such excitement, otherwise you will regret it after the game.

In general, professionals advise to be interrupted in the game. Each player should remember that a long distance is a plus for a casino, and for him only a minus. The fact is that the longer the game lasts, the more likely it is that you will eventually lose. Small breaks for just 10 minutes already will help – you will distract, get up, razomnetes-move. You know that the game can do without you, and nothing terrible will happen in those minutes. Do not let time play against you, interrupt and so save some money.

Have you heard such a thing as “giving slots”? Do not be naive to believe that the casino is actually doing some one or more slot machines, that is, with the ability to only win. Do not waste your time searching for them. All the same, everything always depends on the will of the case.

Similarly, one should not believe that non-automata will soon cease to be so, as well as in the fact that the giving machine will allow to win further. Everything is decided by chance, and you can not predict anything in advance. You can only remember that losses happen more often than winnings. If you notice the machine, behind which sat the one who won a large sum – do not rush to occupy it. In fact, the chances of your winnings in no way increased. However, they also did not become less.

Whether you are playing Agen Slot Online or Russian roulette, everything depends on sheer good luck and to make absurd predictions in this venture would be sheer foolishness to say the least and many gamblers have turned paupers due to brazen and dangerous overconfidence in such matters by incurring heavy losses that are so severe that most have never been able to recover from it so for all the beginners, avoid taking this track for a better future.

Professionals also remind of some useful calculations – the indicator of the frequency of wins in slots varies within 9% -23%, that is, with such a probability the rotation of the slot will bring you a win. Accordingly, there is a high probability that your bet will be lost. However, your winnings can cover all previous losses.

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