The Pros And Cons Of Live Dealer Casinos


Online casinos have, since their inception, gone to great lengths to replicate an authentic terrestrial casino playing environment. As software has become more sophisticated and PC processors faster, game look and feel at any online casino running on a platform from one of the major licensors is very impressive.

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Superb graphics, smooth animation and realistic sounds all are par for the course. One casino has actually incorporated a well known video game engine in its offering to create a three dimensional avatar environment with the same graphics quality as leading PC and console video games.

But despite casino’s best efforts to create an environment that replicates the real thing, one vital ingredient will always be questioned by skeptics…the randomness of the deal. Because no matter how effective you are in managing to make it look real, the truth of the matter is that it’s not. And as long as it’s not, all the assurances in the world about the security and fairness of random number generator (“RNG”) technologies employed, or independent return to player rate audits amount to very little when you’re on a losing streak playing online.

And for any player to gamble in earnest, they need to believe that outcomes are random. casinos are well aware of this which is why they go to such great lengths to try to prove random outcomes. And the latest playing format starting to gain traction is all about doing just that.

Live dealer games are not RNG determined. A real dealer deals a real card from a real shoe in real time in front of the player’s eyes. It is definitely the closest thing to being in a casino, without actually being there. And if the rate of adoption of this new format by major industry players is any indication, it is proving to be a hit with players. Coral, Victor Chandler, 888casino, PartyGaming, William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Bodog and Blue Square are among a host of well known brands launching live dealer casinos in the last 12 months.

In most cases, the dealers, video stream and associated security measures are outsourced to third parties and not conducted in house by the online casino itself – much like typical RNG casino games. So the dealers you see being promoted at Victor Chandler online casino are the same dealers you will find being promoted by Coral’s casino (dealing from a studio in Latvia as it happens). And depending on the casino (and associated live dealer service provider) you choose, the stream quality and interface presentation can be pretty impressive.

But before the RNG game skeptics out there start racing off to find a live dealer casino, there are definitely downsides to this format too.

Chief among them is the quality of the video feed. And no matter how sophisticated the streaming technology employed is, if you don’t have a fast internet connection forget about it. Even with a reasonably fast connection you will experience the occasional ‘glitch in the matrix’.

Another common player beef is the slow deal rates. Remember, you are viewing only one dealer, but that dealer is dealing to multiple players and fair time has to be given for bets to be placed. Most games allow thirty seconds after completion of each game for new bets to be placed meaning plenty of time spent twiddling your thumbs. With RNG games, you call the bet at your own pace.

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