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Paying Off Tight Players Is Not A Good Poker Strategy!


Poker players that play excessively tight and expect to be paid off whenever they have a strong hand are a common sight. It appears that the tight player commonly goes all-in before the turn with A-A even though most players know to fold when a tight player enters the game. If you want to avoid a set-up with a close opponent, the simplest way is to never give them any options.

How would you describe the second stage of a significant buy-in tournament if a player who seems tight and plays tight opened to 500 from his 10,000 stack? 

He’s only played one hand so far, and it was the K-K pair that he got. Everyone submits to you with a single command. Despite the fact that you have all except aces and kings in your hand, you should still call. Because you want to play a pot in position against someone who nearly usually turns his hand face-up on the flop, not because you are terrified of your opponent or his hand in asiabookie.

The flip follows, and it’s Ks-7d-4c. You decide to match a 600-dollar stake made by your adversary

Fold unless you hold a pair of A-K or better when your opponent bets on the turn. To get your opponent to fold weaker cards like Q-Q and 9-9, you should bet the turn and the river if your opponent checks. In most cases, if your opponent checks the turn, you should call the turn and the river, unless you know he has a hand like A-A or A-K that can check-call. For weak, tight, and straightforward foes this should be your go-to tactic. So, if you think your opponent would bet Q-Q on most turns and some rivers, it’s best to try to flop a strong hand and move out of the way if you don’t get lucky.

After calling the tight player’s raise with a hand like Kd-Qd on the flip, we see individuals call down as the tight player makes three huge bets

Despite the fact that this seems to be a basic move, we see players do it on a regular basis. Consider the following scenario: a repeat of the preceding occurrence, but this time using Kd-Qd instead of Kd. In the event that your opponent opens with anything except a K or a Q, you have a very straightforward decision to make: fold. Despite the fact that you have a top pair and a second kicker, you should be aware that most tight players have an A-K range and maybe sets if they shoot twice. K-Q is a simple fold, even with a top pair and a second kicker, because of this.

Consider folding to the tight players’ early raises as your stacks go smaller. If you have As-9s on the button with 18 huge blinds, consider the following scenario: Most active opponents will easily fold to an As-9s bet, but you have an easy fold versus someone who hasn’t had any hands on the table for at least one hour. At all times, keep in mind your opponent’s range and how your hand performs when you’ve been called. If your opponent’s opening range matches the range he plans to call your all-in with, a strong hand is necessary to push.

On the button, a tight player raises all-in for roughly a dozen big blinds, and you have a large blind stack of about 18 big blinds. To illustrate, suppose the following: You have 20,000 in your bankroll and are playing 500/1,000-100 when you raise to 2,000 in the middle position with As-Jd. Another tight player in the big blind increases the stakes to 19,000 with an all-in bet. Some players believe this is a simple decision, however if your opponent is only playing with a range of enormous pairs, such as A-K and A-Q, you have an easy fold since you only have 32% equity vs this range.

  • It’s best to fold unless you have a pair of A-K or higher on the turn. In order to prevent your opponent from calling or checking, you should raise the turn and the river. If your opponent checks, you should raise your bets on the turn and river. By folding your hand, you may entice him to do the same by showing him cards like Q-Q and 9-9 that you think are weak.
  • In the event that your opponents are nimble and weak, this tactic is your best bet. While your opponent may bet Q-Q on most turns and rivers, you should attempt to obtain a solid hand first and then walk away from the table if you can’t.

The following is a hypothetical scenario: Despite the fact that you’re wearing the KDiamond suit, the same thing continues to happen. Alternatively, you might opt to fold rather than risk being dominated by the flipped card in order to prevent losing your whole hand. This is possible. It’s possible for your opponent to wager on your hand while you don’t have any cards, and you may choose to fold your hand. In spite of this, it is vital to note that most tight players have a range of merely A-A, A-K, and perhaps sets, which makes K-J an easy muck in the great majority of cases.


You should never compare the size of your hand to anybody else’s in a similar situation; instead, always compare the size of your hand to the opponent’s. With a basic understanding of how your opponent would play in most situations, you can fold wisely and save a large sum during your playing career. Make sure you don’t get confused between a loose and a tight player.

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