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Online Poker Training Sites –What are the benefits!!


There are a number of sites that are dedicated to teaching people how to play online poker. These sites cater to players of literally every skill level, from the absolute beginner to the expert. These sites teach players by getting very good, established online poker players to make instructional videos. These instructional videos come in many different forms but the most common form is for the instructor to record one of his playing sessions and then comment on why he is making the plays he makes. These videos can be incredibly educational and the majority of winning online poker players are subscribed to at least one poker training site. You should think of your subscription to any of these sites as an investment that will pay for itself many times over by making you a more profitable poker player.

Here are the four major sites:

Cardrunners is definitely the biggest online poker training site. It has over 2500 instructional videos which cover pretty much every possible aspect of poker. The videos are mostly focused on playing No Limit Texas Hold’em at a six person table but they also cover a ton of other poker variations, from Pot Limit Omaha to Stud Hi/Lo and from nine person tables to one on one tables (heads up). The videos are geared mostly towards cash game players but Cardrunners nevertheless offers a ton of very good instructional videos for tournaments. No matter what type of poker you want to play, Cardrunners will have a lot of useful content for you.

Cardrunners typically releases one new video each day and tries to vary its content day to day.

Lastly, Cardrunners has videos from some of the most successful online poker players of all time. These names probably won’t mean much to most people but if you search around the online poker world, you’ll quickly realize how well respected these players are. They include: Brian “sbrugby” Townsend, Cole “CTS” South, Brian “stinger” Hastings, Taylor “green plastic” Caby, Isaac “menlo” Baron, David “raptor” Benefield, Andreas “skerjvoy” Torbergsen, Bryce “The Bryce” Paradis and Mike “Schneids” Schneider

Likewise, when you will sign up at sbobet88 site, then the training is important. The learning about the sports will offer the correct results to the bettors. The implementation of the right strategy will offer the online bettors. The registration will offer the desired results to the gamblers with proper training. 

Pricing: $100 sign up fee and $30/month afterwards. Cardrunners offers a free 7 day trial. They also offer long term registration for a discount. If you sign up for 6 months you pay $240 for the sign up and 6 months instead of $280. If you sign up for a year, you pay $360 instead of $460.

Deucescracked is spearheaded by Emil “whitelime” Patel and Jay “Krantz” Rosenkrantz who are two of the biggest online poker winners in history. They have both made plenty of very good videos for Deucescracked. Additionally, Deucescracked offers some excellent content from producers such as Dani “Ansky” Stern, Vanessa “fslexcduck” Selbst and Ariel “Foxwoods Fiend” Schneller. Deucescracked also offers a lot of variety in its videos and has some of the best content for learning how to play games other than Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold’em.

Deucescracked has over 1500 videos and releases about 10 videos a week.

Pricing: $29/month for one month and $23/month for 12 months. No sign up fee and Deucescracked offers a 7 day free trial.

Leggopoker offers great 6 max No Limit Hold’em content from instructors like Ben “sauce123″ Sulsky, Aaron “aejones” Jones and Ben “straate” Straate. It also has some strong heads up and Pot Limit Omaha content. This lack of diversity is certainly a weakness but they make up for it by frequently releasing videos and having some of their main coaches such as Aaron Jones and Andrew “luckychewy” Lischenberger heavily involved in the site’s operations.

Leggopoker has about 1000 videos with 70% of those being 6 max No Limit Hold’em videos. They release one video per day typically.

Pricing: $30/month with no sign up fee and slightly cheaper rates for long term registration ($25/month for 12 month subscriptions). They also offer a 7 day free trial.

Despite having the worst site name ever, BlueFirePoker actually has exceptional content. The site is mostly focused on No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash games but has some great instructors who know those games very well. The main instructor is Phil “jman” Galfond who is arguably the best poker instructor currently making videos. The site also features some other notable players and is a worthwhile investment for any poker player on Phil Galfond’s merit alone, let alone the rest of the instructors. has about 500 videos and also offers its videos in French.

Pricing: $100 sign up fee and $30/month afterwards. They offer a free 7 day trial.


If you are a beginner and only want to subscribe to one poker training website, is probably your best bet. Cardrunners offers the most extensive content for novices and will certainly be able to teach you more advanced concepts once you master the basics of online poker.

If you are learning games other than No Limit Hold’em, both Deucescracked and Cardrunners are good choices because of their focus on a wide variety of poker game types.

If you are only likely to watch one video per week, then is a great option because Phil Galfond releases one video per week and the quality is always amazing.

Lastly, if you are focusing on 6 max No Limit Hold’em, is a very appealing choice because it has so many 6 max videos from very good instructors.

All of these sites offer free 7 day trials and I highly recommend you take advantage of these trial periods to find out which, if any, of the sites you think can help you get better at playing online poker.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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