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Vegas Technology is one of leading software providers, which power the most reliable and famous online casino in the USA such as Go Casino and Online Vegas. And we used to see constant hot releases from the company, which were mainly slot machines. However, this time the provider broke the traditions and submitted new version of video poker to the approval of players. It is an innovative format of traditional game called Bump-It-Up video poker. The details are inside.

The basis for this game is Jacks or Better, but the rules are modified, so it will be interesting for you to play it. The difference is seen from the very first sight, as there are four hands in front of you on the table instead of a customary one. However, it’s not like a multi hand video poker, as each hand pays out at doubled multiplies. In other words, the second hand pays out 2x, the third pays 4x, and the fourth pays 8x.partypoker code

The game starts from the very first hand, where video poker rules are the same. When all the wagers are placed, five cards are dealt to you. There you should try to make one of traditional video poker combinations by exchanging unnecessary cards. If you lose, then all the wagers, even if they are placed for four hands, are lost. If there is a winning combination, you collect money and bump it up to the next hand. And you again play usual video poker. If you lose, then the first winnings remain, and if you win, you may go to the next level. So if you are lucky enough to reach the last level, then the total sum of winnings will be very big.

These days bettors love to place the bet on the poker game offered by some platforms like qq slot; this is the game that provides high winning chances to the palyers. First, the players have to learn the basic rules, and they can play the game.

Wagers you can place vary strongly enough. You can choose coin size from $0.01 to $5.00, and the number of coins wagered may reach four. The choice depends on your desire to risk. Undoubtedly, if you wager a large sum, then the winnings will big. But the same is true for losses.

Moreover, Bump-It-Up video poker provides with an opportunity to double the winnings. You can do it at any level of the game. The principles of a risk game are the same. You bet your winnings, and then five cards are dealt to you. One of them is given face up, and four others are dealt face down. Your task is to guess the card, which rank will be higher. If the choice is right, then the sum is doubled. And if not, then you lose all you have won.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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