Mistakes Poker Players should Avoid


Is playing poker online your favorite pastime? Then you must have tried your hand at real money and won a few bucks about soon after might have lost all, including your initial capital and the profits. This is the story of every poker player. There are good days and bad days in games but are your bad days more frequent than good ones? Then, you are probably committing these mistakes in poker.

Poker and betting are not pure luck as the ignorant comment. It is a strategic game and requires lots of practice and tactics, and it comes with lots of learning. The game is also not about winning more but losing less. To rectify this, you need to identify the mistakes you are making.

Common Mistakes

  • Hedging with a Bad Hand

If you have a terrible hand, try to drop the cards faster and leave the table, you will be benefitted, do not try to stay in the game or try hard to win it. It is not a healthy habit, by doing this you will lose more money. Also, bluff strategically and do not overindulge in bluffing.

  • Playing many Tables Simultaneously

Though this might seem cool, don’t do this. Poker is not just about drawing your cards; you need to understand the other players’ strategies. They inform you a lot about the game, and you can also use it in the future against different opponents.

  • Stick to the Plan

Nowadays, gaming is one of the most-watched genres on YouTube. Poker players also record their games and upload them online for others to learn from their strategies. Does this work? To an extent, yes, they do work, but depending solely on them might be a risk. Also, they are not helpful in the long term. Of course, you can watch them and learn, but improvise now and then.

  • Practice and learn

You should record your games, look back at them and reflect on how they could have gone, where your mistake was, etc.; every sports player follows this practice; skipping this step would be a huge mistake. It would help if you learned from your old mistakes.

  • Being Aggressive and Emotional

When you have lost more money than you anticipated, the feeling is indescribable. Probably you had the money saved for something essential but lost it all in playing poker. The next thing you know, you start playing like a maniac and lose even more instead of quitting. This habit has to be eliminated in all circumstances. Have control of your emotions as well as money. Bet money only after evaluating your risk levels.

Eliminate these mistakes, try your hand at w88 poker, and win huge prizes.


Poker is a good pastime. But if you are aiming to win money from it, you need to strategize your game and lose less. Before playing with money, make sure you have honed your poker skills, and you should also choose a site that offers a significant number of rewards. Invest only in what you can risk and play accordingly. Never get addicted to winning, as every game may not be yours. Do not use a single strategy as soon as the players identify the pattern. Keep these in mind, and you can hit the jackpot in poker.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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