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There are so many important tips when it comes to playing at online poker rooms that we have broken this article into 2 parts. The first part will focus on getting started in online poker, while the second part will discuss basic strategies of online poker. There are three elements you want to take into consideration when starting in online poker, interface, bonuses, and the level of play.

Now walking into online poker can be a lot like walking into Las Vegas for the first time. All the lights, and bells and whistles can be a bit overwhelming, and if your not careful it can be a huge tourist trap. So stop thinking about the millions of dollars you think you are going to win, and get back to reality for a second. Your first goal is going to be to double your buy in, and withdraw what you deposited. Why? Because at this point you have broke even and whatever is in your account is an extra. If you try to win thousands of dollars your first time online, you will go broke.

Online Poker Room Interface

So you have your money ready, your sunglasses on, and your gin and tonic. First thing you need to decide on is an interface. It is very important that you find an interface you are comfortable on. Why? For the shear reason that if your not comfortable on a poker site’s interface, it will distract you. You will be too busy trying to figure out why that one lady avatar has underwear on over her jeans(partypoker), and not busy enough thinking about your opponents play. Each site has a little different interface, so check out site reviews, and check out some of the screenshots on the website. Seriously, find one thats easy on your eyes and not very distracting.

Online Poker Bonus Offers

Next thing you want to look at is the bonuses a site offers. Every poker site offers some type of bonus. A bonus is extra money they give you after fulfilling a certain milestone. Most bonuses entail playing a certain amount of hands, to release your bonus. It’s not free money. Some bonuses are better than others, so again check site reviews, find a good bonus that is easy to clear, to help pad your bankroll. If you find one of the many 100% bonuses and you can clear it without losing any money, then you have already cleared our first goal.

It is these bonus points that inspire people to take the stakes higher because money can buy anything in the material world because online poker does not involve any ordinary sum for bonus like in situs Judi online but much higher than you can ever expect, which becomes all the more interesting to play when you have nothing to lose.

Online Poker Games – Level of Play

Finally you want to look for a level of play. Every site has different skills of play in each type of game(holdem, 7 card stud, omaha, etc), and each format(Tournaments, Sit and Goes, Ring games). So try to find a site that has weak play in the game you feel strongest. My strongest game is omaha 8/b, and I have found a lot of weak players on PartyPoker, so that is where I play omaha.

Remember to set a realistic goal, if you try to win millions, you will end up broke. In part two of the Beginner’s Guide we will discuss basic online strategies.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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