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The Seven Card Stud Poker hints and tips here work for both online and real casinos and are aimed at beginners. Knowing some of the basics of the 7 Card Stud Poker strategy will improve your chance of success, especially if you want to learn how to play poker and you’re new to the game. Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies – Some Simple Poker Hints When playing in a casino, as opposed to when you play Seven Card Stud Poker on, the other poker players will be reading your behavior. Any behavior that reveals your emotion and potentially your hand is called a tell. Some things to bear in mind to avoid this in a Seven Card Stud Poker room are: Don’t play Seven Card Stud Poker when you retired. Make sure you’re able to devote your full attention to the table and try not to get visibly frustrated at losing previous hands.

It’s OK to ask some questions about pot sizes etc. but don’t do it too often. It will expose you as an amateur making you easier to read.

Before you arrive at the table, get the correct number of poker chips so that you dont have to keep going back to get more. Again, this will expose you as a beginner, and whats more, this is bad poker etiquette. Generally, there are some simple rules that all stud poker players use. Firstly, change your 7 Card Stud Poker strategy throughout the course of the game. You dont want to become predictable. If things are going badly, change seats or tables. Always play to win. Playing not to lose in a Seven Card Stud Poker game is ineffective. Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies – Be Observant Because there are so many up-turned cards on show in Seven Card Stud Poker, a lot can be deduced from looking at other peoples cards. Constantly evaluate whether the upcards help or hurt your poker chances or your opponent’s poker odds. This information should dictate your Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy. For example, in the first round, look at all the door cards showing around the poker table. 

If you have, say, two tens in your hand, but you can see two tens amongst the door cards on show, then you know that you won’t be able to make any more than a pair  you should probably fold. Obviously, you have to be on guard that other players cant read your behavior, but it is also the case that you should be evaluating theirs. This is important with stud poker gambling, especially in casinos. On the internet 7 Card Stud Poker you obviously cant read peoples body language. This changes the nature of the game. However, some internet poker sites have chat boxes which can be a dead give-away. Bluffing is playing as though you have a good hand when in fact you dont in order to urge people to fold. In online poker, as a rule, less bluffing goes on. There are several fundamental rules to follow when bluffing that should prove important for your Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy. Do not bluff a player who has won several rounds. They will not be scared to call as they can afford to lose.

Do not bluff a beginner. They will be desperate to know your hand will call just to know.

Dont bluff unless you have at least some good cards on the show (upcards). Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies – Playing Style The two main playing styles you can use in a 7 Card Stud Poker game are The Bearand The Bull. 

The Bear plays conservative, tight poker. No risks are taken unless there is something to back it up. They will only bet at the third street if they have better than a pair, or at the very least, two high cards (Kings or Aces). They will only continue further than the fourth street if their hand has improved, and they have a real chance of bringing home the pot. The remaining rounds are expensive and the tight player will only continue if it’s cheap to do so, or if they believe they hold the best hand. The Bull plays aggressive Seven Cards Stud Poker. It is more important in this type of play to assess how your cards appear to other players. Manipulating opponents is the name of the game, forcing other players to pay up or fold. Bullish play is favored among the pro players, especially in poker tournaments. Seven Card Stud Poker betting should never be predictable. The more conservative approach is less risky, but over a period of time, far more easy to forecast. Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies – Good Hands The best possible Seven Card Stud Poker opening hand is three of a kind (or trips). 

A high-ranking three of a kind should normally win a round  so bet confidently in this case. However, if the other players knew you held three of a kind or any other good hand for that matter, theyd probably fold. Its best to start off conservatively and bet high in the later betting rounds. After three of a kind, a high pair is the best Seven Card Stud Poker starting hand  especially if they are faced down. This is a sound position. Hang in there to see if you think it can be improved on (remember to check out the other door cards!) Three cards to a Flush is where you need further cards to make the hand worth anything. It is worth a raise, but how much is determined by the door card. If you have a high door card your opponents will think you have a high pair. Three cards to a Straight is more difficult to complete than three cards to a Flush. If you are trying to make a high Straight, there is also a chance of getting a high pair. In this case, it may be worth persevering with a raise and maybe a re-raise  especially if its an Outside Straight (i.e it can be completed from either side).

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