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Tipping Blackjack Dealers The Dos Donts

When you visit a casino to play a few games of blackjack, tipping the dealer can be a very good move. Not only will this help you to develop a good relationship with the dealer, but your generosity won’t go unnoticed by the floor staff and pit bosses either, so you’re more likely to receive complimentary gifts and a much faster drink service.

However, if you tip incorrectly or at the wrong time, you may confuse staff and cause unwanted attention. So have a quick read through this article and discover the right way to tip casino dealers.

Work Out What You Can Afford

If you’ve been on a winning streak for the last hour, then tipping is definitely a good idea. Although we don’t recommend you tip more than 10% of your winnings, depending on the amount you’ve accumulated, being a little bit more generous could be acceptable. However, if you’re losing badly, don’t bother tipping at all, as casino bosses will think you’re using some kind of strategy, and may turn their attentions to you, thinking that you may be cheating, or working with someone who is.

Tipping After You Win

The best time to tip when playing blackjack is the moment your chips are handed to you. If you’ve just won £200 and the dealer hands you chips that amount to this value, slide him a £20 chip back. This is guaranteed to get their attention and make you look good.

On the odd occasion when you win very significantly, the 10% rule no longer applies. If you’ve just bagged an impressive £100,000, no dealer expects you to tip them ten grand. Still, you should keep your contributions at a level that would be considered relatively generous.

Play A Hand With The Dealer

Instead of just tipping outright, it’s always a good idea to place a chip on the edge of the betting circle, next your bet. That way, the dealer plays the same cards as you, so if you win, they win, and their tip rises accordingly.

This can add an element of excitement to the dealers day, which they will most probably thank you for. Working in a casino is like working in a pub; everyone else seems to be having fun, but dealers, just like barmen, have to stay level headed and sober. So any excitement you can bring will be warmly appreciated.

Tell Staff What You’re Doing

If you’re winning big and tipping big, don’t hide that fact. Tell staff members exactly how much you’ve been tipping, as this will put you on their good side, and you’re much more likely to receive complimentary gifts etc.

So there you have it my friends. A quick and simple guide to the best techniques you should use when tipping dealers at the blackjack table. Just remember that you are in a casino, so the house doesn’t really owe you anything, but you should definitely notice a difference in the way you’re treated whilst using the methods listed above.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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