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    Worlds First Bitcoin Debit Card Could Finally Make Cryptocurrency Usable Geek

    There are plenty of reasons Bitcoin hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, but the difficulty in spending it in real life is probably the most significant. A company called Xapo hoped to change that in a few months. Xapo already runs online Bitcoin wallets, but it will soon be issuing debit cards connected to that account….

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    A Brief History Of Playing Cards

    Some sources have suggested that India may have been the origin of playing cards. There is a striking resemblance between the symbols on some early European decks and the dated Indian decks, which featured a ring, sword, cup, and baton, depicted in the four hands of Indian statues. That said, it seems far more plausible…

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    Numerous Poker Games Available Online Offer Bonus Codes For Free

    With the fast-paced development of online poker games, the games are undergoing huge changes. Players are finding themselves having to adapt. The online casino games that are largely available online are quite popular and bring in millions of people each year to play them. People around the world love playing casino games. Gamblers especially favor…

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    Use Casino Strategy To Win In Casinos

    When it comes to casinos, one has to play them smartly and on MEGA888 ORIGINAL it is really easy to hone your skills before you play with other professionals. It can only be great fun if you know how to play. Otherwise, the casino gaming activity will turn out to be a bad experience. Several…

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    Bingo Halls Provide The Players With Different Levels

    Bingo halls provide the players with the different plots in the bingo game and with different levels. Bingo games have got famous in recent years and much advancement are being made in the technology. A bingo hall provides Bingo games are the very well known and mostly played casino games. Many individuals all over the…

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    Why Play Roulette Online

    Online roulette has become hugely popular in the last few years, thanks to ever-improving online technologies and the increasing accessibility of online casinos such as Judi poker. Where formerly roulette was seen as a staple of the offline gambling world, it has now made the transition into a popular online game, with fans worldwide citing roulette as their game of choice. But how does the online gaming experience compare to the offline one, and what can players expect from playing online?

    Internet roulette play is big business, and players of all backgrounds and from all walks of life can expect to find a whole host of advantages to their play should they choose the online over the offline route. While bricks and mortar casinos no doubt still have their appeal, many players find online casinos preferable for the following reasons.


    The first thing to note about online roulette play is the convenience it offers. Forget leaving home, traveling, and making a day of it at your local casino – with online roulette, the wheel is transported into your own home. In fact, you don’t even need to get out of bed to enjoy online gambling – a major bonus for those that enjoy gaming but prefer the privacy and comfort of their own homes. This convenience is increased when you consider that online roulette can be played at any time of the day or night to suit you, with no need to adhere to casino opening hours or other technicalities that get in the way of playing roulette.

    Chance To W0rk Out Strategies

    Playing at home is a much more flexible way to monitor, assess, and improve your performance. From the comfort of home, it is possible to track how you are getting on with each spin and to make conscious modifications to your strategy for the next gaming round. This makes it possible to improve your results as you go in a comfortable, stress-free environment – rather than trying to think about things when you’re physically at the roulette table in the casino. This time and space element puts players in a better position to build on their successes and to make the most of the results from each spin of the wheel.

    Direct Banking

    Another major bonus is the advent of direct, secure banking. There is no need to play with chips and convert into cash – with online roulette, you can automatically and safely transfer your winnings directly to your bank account, for the most convenient way to handle your gaming funds. This means you don’t need to carry cash to play, and that your winnings will be deposited in a method you feel comfortable with – directly when you request them. This adds to the overall convenience of gaming online to make it an often preferable experience to real-life casino roulette play.

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    Casino Online A Solution To Any Boring Feeling

    Lockdown feels is never that fun at all. Sitting and just waiting for nothing does not make one enjoy that day. Roaming the whole house and looking for something good to do. Energy will go to zero if one will not find something awesome to do as either entertainment or just a mere thing to do during the vacant time. One thing to do is scroll and roam in the internet world which is considered as the platform for entertainment. From mobile to multiplayer ones, it gives so much excitement and thrill to all ages. Perfect entertainment to do during these closed-door situations. Aside from doing general cleaning one can also play extreme games indoors. No need to step out the door just to find cool and real joy as one can see it by scrolling online. Casino games are not all that bad as one can gain many benefits from it, not only covering the boring old days.

    It is just that they have acquired a reputation that it is nothing but the pathway to doom where you end up losing everything that you have, which has led its detractors to vilify it far and wide but rest assured that those that are used to playing, winning and losing don’t care what they might hear but they simply cannot resist playing a few rounds of situs Judi online or slot machines due to online ventures gaining huge popularity among the masses.

    Stay seated and earn

    While doing nothing at home, some jobs are closed and people are not allowed to go out then people are financially unstable. Looking for jobs would be hard and earning would be put into a minimum. People find every way just to earn and cover daily expenses. One will just tap some slots and get the jackpot prize. Legal games for big and real cash prizes. Earning big without giving off a bucket of sweat or present every day at work. One is just sitting and winning games and bringing loads of cash at home for the family.

    Erase all the doubts

    Millions of people have doubts before engaging in all online casinos since the risk is so big and losing money is very easy. After playing the games and trusting the site, all worries were erased and people started earning big and enjoying the game more than anything else. It is normal to think twice before joining this kind of place since scammers are everywhere. It does not only waste time and effort but also the money being invested. Trust is essential if one wants to be successful. The only thing the site can prove is that everything is legal and always ready to entertain every player in the world. Will welcome anyone as long as it has the soul to enjoy and feel all the extremities. Take risks but be cautious, check first the reviews, and comment before engaging in unknown sites. Play and earn big and erase all the boredom in the house, explore and see new fun things outside the real world.

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    Blackjack A Unique Combination Of Luck And Talent

    Blackjack is very much acknowledged and appreciated with regards to casino gambling. This amusement has become well known in the casino world and is generally alluded as 21. This amusement appeared in the year 1700 and was played in the casinos of France. We have to comprehend here that not just casino games are played by utilizing shrewdness and ability. There are numerous casino games which are administered by fortunes and in addition chance elements. Blackjack is a completely irregularity, because of the ideal mix of ability, fortunes and shot. With time passing, blackjack has turned into a thundering ubiquity and individuals appreciate playing the amusement.

    The development of blackjack has a history as well. Joined States is the nation of cause of blackjack. The procedure of playing blackjack is truly clear and uncomplicating. Each card has a quality for itself. The face cards like jack, ruler and lord have a rating of a ten. The cards which range from two to ten clutch their face values. The Ace has a rating of an eleven. We can’t overlook that the victor ought to have the most noteworthy aggregate. The most noteworthy aggregate score is twenty-one which considers the estimation of the expert which is an eleven. In the event that the score goes above twenty-one, the rating of the expert tumbles down to 1.

    The main target of the player in this amusement ought to be to overcome the merchant who gets the most noteworthy aggregate. On the off chance that both the merchant and the player bust, then the merchant goes free and the player gets vanquished or loses. Now and again in this amusement, it so happens that the player and also the merchant are joined at a typical point esteem. This circumstance is alluded to as a push and nobody individual wins or loses the amusement. At the point when casino players play the session of blackjack, it is very conceivable that the player develops successful in one round and may rise a champ against different players amid the same round.

    In the event that you are excited about rising an expert in blackjack, then you ought to know how to put down your wagers securely. Putting down of wagers and the planning of putting down the wagers has key impact in blackjack casino games. It is basic that you perceive the right minute and put down your wagers higher in order to gain most extreme cash.

    Playing the amusement by utilizing the right techniques can help you win effectively. In the event that appropriate rules are taken after, there are great risks that you win huge amounts of cash. Only a little tip, if the score is going down or is negative, don’t go out on a limb and guarantee that the wager sum is kept to the base. Hence, if you are looking for a trusted website where you can play casino games and do gambling as well then using the platform of is the best choice. You can register yourself over this site and then start gambling.

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    What To Look For In An Online Casino

    Online casinos became one of the most dynamic sectors in the world of computing and the reasons are obvious. Not many land-based casinos today can compete with the unique services that online casinos for players and fans inspired casino offers.

    If you’ve ever tried to find an online casino in the game, you’ve probably noticed that attract hundreds of websites, online casino, with all sorts of eye-catching banners and cool action. But there are certain things before you choose which online casino to check into play

    In this article by bandarqq we go through the most important factors you take into account before you should choose to play in an online casino. This list will help you determine the site to your needs and requirements and the site is not suitable. If you follow this list and check the websites of my proposals, you will avoid wasting time, money, and other unnecessary consequences.

    Getting started. When you visit an online casino, you will find it offers a signup bonus. Almost all casinos offer players to attract them to make their first deposit.

    The most important thing is to try to read between the lines and specific provisions for the welcome bonus. Some casinos offer if you deposit a certain sum of money in your account and give a part only when you play certain games. Take time to read the page of this special Welcome Bonus and a list of all offers of different casinos. Remember that casinos do not always offer the highest signup bonuses because the lowercase letters and does not count, you would think they actually give this trick sum.

    Now, you must check the software. Some casinos offer a Java version of their games. If you do not want to download the software, is the best option for you. Be sure to check out what games are available in this version of the casino. Make sure you download the software before you open the account. Check the graphics and design and of course the comfort of the interface. Some software is very difficult to manage, while others are friendly and easy to use

    Be sure to review the collection of casino gambling, especially if you are for a particular game that you wish to search. Discover roulette, slot machines, and poker rooms.

    Take time to read the page of the casino promotion. Learn more about the bonus points and special bonuses you can collect. Compare to learn information between casinos and players that are better deals.

    Also, check that the Casino in terms of safety. Protecting your privacy and security of financial transactions is very important for players to read instructions for casino security and make sure your information private and encrypted.

    Last but not least, should consider what you, the customer service. Select only the casinos that offer customer service 24 / 7, because you never know when you need it. Choose casinos that offer more than one way to contact their customer service.

    After considering all these details that you compare the selected online casinos and choose the best one may be for you.

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    Viktor Blom Defeats Tom Dwan For 400000

    As Full Tilt Poker is now up and running again and Viktor Blom and Tom Dwan are part of the team, it was only a matter of time until the two poker pros met each other at the high stacks tables like in the old days. Three years ago, when Full Tilt Poker was in its prime, weekend nights were reserved for some of the biggest names in the poker industry as they would play for nose bleeding amounts. Many gambling enthusiasts took a break from their chosen casino options to login at Full Tilt Poker and watch the action live.

    Last week, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom challenged Tom “durrrr” Dwan via Twitter to a heads up match online, each putting in $100,000 and playing on four tables. Dwan didn’t take long to respond and the match was scheduled for Sunday night on Full Tilt Poker. Before the match started, the two agreed to double the amounts so that they would both put $200,000 across four tables of $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em.

    Given the large amounts of money that were up for grabs, it looked like the heads up match will last a pretty long time but it only took around three hours for Blom to take it all. This reminds poker enthusiasts of the matches three years ago when Dwan lost almost three million dollars while playing online against Blom.

    At the poker online site, there is the availability of higher prizes and bonuses for the gamblers. The selection of the right table and poker room will deliver the desired results. The spending of adequate efforts and time is necessary at the online platform.

    Dwan started pretty well on Sunday and got a nice lead with pocket Kings against Blom who was holding pocket Tens but some bad bluff attempts turned the tables in favor of Blom. After a few hours of grinding, Dwan was down to $3,500 and he went all in with pocket Tens which didn’t hold up and Blom cleaned him out.

    Of course, this is just the first of what most people expect to be a series of heads up matches between the two representatives of Full Tilt Poker. Maybe the other ambassador, Gus Hansen, will join in on the fun and try to set a new record for the highest pot in online poker history. He and Isildur1 made this happen in 2009 on the Full Tilt tables.

    Turbo Poker

    Since Full Tilt Poker is back and has remained pretty much the same except from some large changes with the reward system, it is important to point out that the turbo poker games that have become very popular in the last couple of years. Full Tilt Poker was actually the first online poker room to start this trend when it introduced Rush Poker, a version of Texas Hold’em where players are moved to a new table once they fold their hand; this makes it a lot faster since you don’t have to wait for the other players to play their hand while you just watch.

    Online turbo poker sites are now very popular and PokerStars’ Zoom Poker is the number one choice for a large number of players every day. While various online poker rooms offer their unique versions of the fast-folding poker game, the concept remains the same.

    By having the option to simply get a new hand as soon as you fold and change the table in the process, poker players can experience something new and special. They no longer have to analyze patterns from their opponents since they change every hand but there is always the option to fold and still stick around to see how the hand plays out.

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    Why Play Roulette Live Online – Know the reasons!!

    Roulette is a game that has moved beyond the bricks and walls of a casino and has been transported on to millions of home computers around the world. In the UK the game is even broadcast on television with live roulette 866 at night.

    When you are placing the soccer stakes at situs judi online site, the selection of the right device is essential. The checking of the compatibility with the computer and mobile phones will offer many advantages. The bank balance of the gamblers is increasing with real cash. 

    There are clearly differences created between playing the game online and offline and in the process there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both ways of playing. This article will discuss the reasons many people in different locations choose to play roulette live online instead of been inside an actual casino building.

    The first example of this is the advantage of time and cost saving; making a trip to a casino takes both time and money for fuel, not to mention the casino might have a small entrance fee. Staying at home costs a lot less meaning you can use that same money to have more fun with and play games for longer.

    The second example of the differences would be your surroundings whilst playing the game, in a casino building your surroundings would be set out for you and impossible for you to change, you will have other people walking about around you and other players at your table. Some players prefer to bet alone while others enjoy the company. In contrast when playing roulette live online at home the objects and people surrounding you is all left you your own preferences.

    Thirdly there is a question of money, when you enter a real casino you will be expected to gamble a bit with your own money but online there is no such pressure. When you play roulette live online there is usually an option available for you to just practice playing, this way no money need be risked. Online casinos also accept various currencies which can be converted to chips on the site, this means you can fund your account with dollars, pounds, euros and play in the currency of your choice. Getting money in to your account is also much easier thanks to modern internet money transfer systems.

    Finally people play roulette live online because it is available at any time of the day no matter whereabouts in the world you are. Even if it is 4:30 am on a Sunday morning you will still be able to get a game. Online casinos unlike other establishments are not restricted to local laws etc, for example they can stay open during public holidays and special occasions like Christmas. With all these benefits to online casinos it is easy to see why they have grown more popular with each passing year.

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    Using Poker Fpp Vip Points – How to get the poker points!!

    Frequent player points are a way poker rooms reward players for playing a lot of poker. Every tournament, sit & go or raked cash game that you play in will earn you a certain amount of points. These points are earned based on the rake generated by each pot or buyin fee. Points are gradually added to your FPP or VIP bank in your poker account while you play. When you reach a certain level of points you can redeem them for cool products. Electronics, clothing and books are a few of the neat things you can buy with your points in the poker room store. If your current poker room doesn’t offer frequent player point programs, you should definitely consider making the switch to one that does. Here are a few key topics to remember when you are trying to acquire FPP or VIP points.

    Buying Products

    Higher end products obviously cost more, but wasting frequent player points on low cost items like towels and stress balls is a terrible idea. While saving your points for a year or more might be boring, you will thank yourself in the end when you finally get the 60,000 points you need for that new I-Pod. Lower end products are cheap and are usually thing you might only use once and throw away. Saving for higher end products keeps you motivated as a poker player and gives you a goal to work for. Many people even keep track of FPP or VIP points in their personal blogs or websites.

    With the slot online terbaru site registration, there are several chances available to select the right website. The checking and keeping of the records is becoming beneficial to know about the sport. You can get the correct information with the checking of the rankings and reviews.

    Conversion Rates

    Divide the estimated cost of the product you are buying by the amount of points it takes to buy it in the poker room store. This will tell you how much the poker site you are playing at pays per point. In the case of Full Tilt Poker each frequent player point (FPP) converts to $.005 real dollars. This will also tell you if a poker room is “over-charging” for a particular product. Compare the rate between two different products to see if you are paying a premium for one item over another.


    Many people play multiple tables on a daily basis and generate huge amounts of points. They don’t need to buy a new computer or i-pod for themselves so instead they buy the hottest gadgets in the player point store and re-sell the items on Ebay. This is a great idea for someone with a lot of points to get rid of that wants the cash. Some rooms don’t offer point to cash conversions. This is just one of the many ways around the system. Re-selling your purchased items for cash will definitely help pad your poker bankroll.

    BlackMarket Deals

    Instead of re-selling on E-bay you can make deals with other players behind the scenes. That player Paypals or transfer you an agreed upon amount of money and you buy an item for them in the store with your points and have it shipped to their address. The legality of this practice is questionable, but is extremely difficult for poker rooms to prove. They usually don’t waste their time investigating this practice since it doesn’t involve a huge amount of money.


    Buyin fees for certain tournaments can be made with player points on some poker sites. This can be a great idea if you are looking to satellite into a specific tournament. However, most sites don’t let you actually play poker for pots composed of tournament points. They want to avoid one player getting enough to actually buy the new cards and motorcycles displayed. Another thing to keep in mind is the penalties associated with FPP tournaments and sit & gos. Each of these types of games will subtract from your monthly rakeback.

    Rakeback Penalized

    If you are signed up for rakeback, purchasing items from a frequent player store will crush your rakeback totals. It could even put your rakeback account on negative which could really upset the affiliate you signed up through. Excessive frequent player point use could get you blacklisted by your affiliate. The best option would be to spend your player points on a high end item and delete your account with the site when your item is delivered. Then sign up again with different information to avoid receiving massive rakeback penalties. Many people currently practice this exact method and they shouldn’t have to. Poker rooms should be smart enough to know that people won’t endure penalties to their rakeback. There are always ways around the system – and penalizing rakeback is just plain dumb.

    Frequent player and VIP points are a great way to reward players who play a lot. The situation would be even better if poker rooms didn’t penalize affiliates and rakeback accounts everytime someone uses the points they earned. Overall, player points are a great incentive for dedicated holdem players. The more hands you play the more points you will earn. Logging in to play a long session of cash games is much more enjoyable when you can also earn enough points for a neat gadget on the side. Always remember that each time you use your points you are penalizing your rakeback figures fairly heavily. Instead of spending your points on useless items, save up for what you really want and buy it when you get enough points. Wait for your item to be delivered and then never play under that account again.

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    All About Poker Online- Learn about the games

    Poker is a card game many people play for fun or while gambling. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible for a poker enthusiast to play poker in the comfort of the home without having to go to a poker table or hall. This form of poker which is played through the computer is called online poker.

    At the Judi online site, you will get the best rewards and bonuses. Online poker games are offering comfort and convenience to the players. The selection of the right games will improve the winning chances at the platform. The use of the correct and reliable information will offer the best results.

    Online poker has its share of both advantages and disadvantages. Online poker is advantageous to poker enthusiasts as it is possible to play poker while in shorts, in your dining room. There is no need of spending money traveling abroad to a casino and in the process, spend money for the stay while playing poker. Instead, all that is required to play poker online is a computer and an internet connection.

    Online poker proves to be the better alternative for those learning to play poker. This is because when playing poker online; seldom will the new player feel uncomfortable because of strange looks and code language between other players. Moreover, playing poker online eliminates the need of playing in a smoky and dingy poker room with other poker players, and thus is a healthy option for playing poker. And with poker online, the novice player gets to practice playing poker well as there is no need of playing with real money. It’s important that you find sites where you will play mostly against other beginners, not against card sharks. It is recommended that you find the softest poker sites online if you’re a beginner.

    With poker online, it is possible for one to play with play money, to get the hang and learn the tricks of the game. Not only novices, but many professional poker players love playing poker with play money as this provides them with the required practice in playing poker. When playing poker online, you are sure to enjoy the graphics that come with the software of the game, poker.

    However, as poker online is easily accessible from home, it tends to turn all computers into min-casinos. In casinos, there are regulations that control the age of players in the casino. However, in poker online, though the poker site may state that minors are not permitted to play the game, the computer will never know the exact age of the person who registers. So a child of twelve just needs to state that he or she is eighteen and she will be granted access into a poker site. With this, there is a high possibility of children getting corrupt and addicted to poker at a young age. And with this addiction, comes gambling and after gambling, the child resorts to theft to repay money that may have gotten lost while playing poker online.

    It is rather risky playing poker online with real money as there are many illegal poker sites on the internet. This is why it is important that you choose to register in a poker site that is recognized and holds a license; so that you are sure that your money reaches safe hands. As there are many countries that don’t permit gambling on the internet, sites from these countries may not have licenses permitting them to start a poker website.

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    Internet Roulette And Firepay – – What To Know About All Games!!

    Online Roulette Game, gives you the chance to notice how the sounds and surroundings, which the conventional casino creates are made to distract you while they take your money. The roulette rules also determine the roulette table. There are two types of roulettes – the American and the European roulette. Various attempts have been made by engineers to cope with the house edge by predicting the mechanical performance of the roulette wheel, most notably by Joseph Jagger, the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo in 1873. Roulette wheel (often referred to as an European wheel) is used more often than not when you are outside of America, and offers a much more attractive house edge.

    The learning from the is the best site to get the information about the online games. The use of the right options and features will provide success to the gamblers. The understanding from the terms and conditions is necessary for the gamblers.

    Is there any good reason to play roulette online instead of at a land-based casino? For one, the cost of playing at Las Vegas is much, much higher – you have your room fee, your plane ticket, the cost of eating out while you are there, etc, all of which is nothing but very expensive. If you have a stroke of abd luck and lose what what you have set aside to play, simply walk away from the roulette table and don’t look back. Some other betting options, with lower payoffs, include bets on multiple numbers in many different combinations or ranges, on all odd or all even numbers, or by color. Basically, the house advantage is gained by paying the winners a chip or two (or a proportion of it) less than what it should have been if there was no advantage. You can download the software for 10 minutes and you can read the rules very fast.

    The Five Number bet covers only the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Another thing that distinguishes the two types of Roulette is that American Roulette uses so-called “non-value” chips, meaning that all chips belonging to the same player are of the same value determined at the time of the purchase, and the player cashes in the chips at the roulette table, and European Roulette uses standard casino chips of differing values as bets, which can make the game more confusing for both the croupier and the players. Probably because it was associated with the glamour of the casinos in Monte Carlo, some call Roulette Game the “king of casino games”. En la mayoría del salones de poquer proveen de jugadores con aproximadamente 30 segundos al juego. If you can choose between American and European wheel, always choose the European wheel because there is only one zero.

    Roulette is very simple but very exciting game to play. The Roulette rule is applied when the outcome is zero, and then you can either take back half of your bet or leave the bet for another roulette spin (en prison), and in case, if the following spin the outcome is again zero, then the whole bet is lost. The “la partage” Roulette rule is similar to the en prison rule, but when the a player loses half the bet he does not have the option to leave the bet en prison for another spin. Just have fun! You have to decide to play for free or for real money. Roulette came in the United States in 1800.

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    Online Poker Training Sites –What are the benefits!!

    There are a number of sites that are dedicated to teaching people how to play online poker. These sites cater to players of literally every skill level, from the absolute beginner to the expert. These sites teach players by getting very good, established online poker players to make instructional videos. These instructional videos come in many different forms but the most common form is for the instructor to record one of his playing sessions and then comment on why he is making the plays he makes. These videos can be incredibly educational and the majority of winning online poker players are subscribed to at least one poker training site. You should think of your subscription to any of these sites as an investment that will pay for itself many times over by making you a more profitable poker player.

    Here are the four major sites:

    Cardrunners is definitely the biggest online poker training site. It has over 2500 instructional videos which cover pretty much every possible aspect of poker. The videos are mostly focused on playing No Limit Texas Hold’em at a six person table but they also cover a ton of other poker variations, from Pot Limit Omaha to Stud Hi/Lo and from nine person tables to one on one tables (heads up). The videos are geared mostly towards cash game players but Cardrunners nevertheless offers a ton of very good instructional videos for tournaments. No matter what type of poker you want to play, Cardrunners will have a lot of useful content for you.

    Cardrunners typically releases one new video each day and tries to vary its content day to day.

    Lastly, Cardrunners has videos from some of the most successful online poker players of all time. These names probably won’t mean much to most people but if you search around the online poker world, you’ll quickly realize how well respected these players are. They include: Brian “sbrugby” Townsend, Cole “CTS” South, Brian “stinger” Hastings, Taylor “green plastic” Caby, Isaac “menlo” Baron, David “raptor” Benefield, Andreas “skerjvoy” Torbergsen, Bryce “The Bryce” Paradis and Mike “Schneids” Schneider

    Likewise, when you will sign up at sbobet88 site, then the training is important. The learning about the sports will offer the correct results to the bettors. The implementation of the right strategy will offer the online bettors. The registration will offer the desired results to the gamblers with proper training. 

    Pricing: $100 sign up fee and $30/month afterwards. Cardrunners offers a free 7 day trial. They also offer long term registration for a discount. If you sign up for 6 months you pay $240 for the sign up and 6 months instead of $280. If you sign up for a year, you pay $360 instead of $460.

    Deucescracked is spearheaded by Emil “whitelime” Patel and Jay “Krantz” Rosenkrantz who are two of the biggest online poker winners in history. They have both made plenty of very good videos for Deucescracked. Additionally, Deucescracked offers some excellent content from producers such as Dani “Ansky” Stern, Vanessa “fslexcduck” Selbst and Ariel “Foxwoods Fiend” Schneller. Deucescracked also offers a lot of variety in its videos and has some of the best content for learning how to play games other than Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold’em.

    Deucescracked has over 1500 videos and releases about 10 videos a week.

    Pricing: $29/month for one month and $23/month for 12 months. No sign up fee and Deucescracked offers a 7 day free trial.

    Leggopoker offers great 6 max No Limit Hold’em content from instructors like Ben “sauce123″ Sulsky, Aaron “aejones” Jones and Ben “straate” Straate. It also has some strong heads up and Pot Limit Omaha content. This lack of diversity is certainly a weakness but they make up for it by frequently releasing videos and having some of their main coaches such as Aaron Jones and Andrew “luckychewy” Lischenberger heavily involved in the site’s operations.

    Leggopoker has about 1000 videos with 70% of those being 6 max No Limit Hold’em videos. They release one video per day typically.

    Pricing: $30/month with no sign up fee and slightly cheaper rates for long term registration ($25/month for 12 month subscriptions). They also offer a 7 day free trial.

    Despite having the worst site name ever, BlueFirePoker actually has exceptional content. The site is mostly focused on No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash games but has some great instructors who know those games very well. The main instructor is Phil “jman” Galfond who is arguably the best poker instructor currently making videos. The site also features some other notable players and is a worthwhile investment for any poker player on Phil Galfond’s merit alone, let alone the rest of the instructors. has about 500 videos and also offers its videos in French.

    Pricing: $100 sign up fee and $30/month afterwards. They offer a free 7 day trial.


    If you are a beginner and only want to subscribe to one poker training website, is probably your best bet. Cardrunners offers the most extensive content for novices and will certainly be able to teach you more advanced concepts once you master the basics of online poker.

    If you are learning games other than No Limit Hold’em, both Deucescracked and Cardrunners are good choices because of their focus on a wide variety of poker game types.

    If you are only likely to watch one video per week, then is a great option because Phil Galfond releases one video per week and the quality is always amazing.

    Lastly, if you are focusing on 6 max No Limit Hold’em, is a very appealing choice because it has so many 6 max videos from very good instructors.

    All of these sites offer free 7 day trials and I highly recommend you take advantage of these trial periods to find out which, if any, of the sites you think can help you get better at playing online poker.

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