Are You Looking Forward to the Euro millions of Results?


Everyone has an eye on the Euro millions of results irrespective of whether they buy the tickets or not. Since the prize amount is a very big amount, most of us want to know who the lucky person is to be transformed into a millionaire overnight. The game which began as a joint venture of Française des Jeux in France, the Loterias y Apuestas del Estado in Spain, and Camelot in the UK, has now become famous the world over. Entire Europe is now involved in the game with the ticket holders waiting expectantly every Friday night to hear their numbers being called out on TV. When no one has all the entries right to claim the jackpot, everyone heaves a sigh of relief as there is still an opportunity for them to win the jackpot, this time with a bigger value.

How to Buy the Tickets

If you are really impressed by the Euro millions of results, then you will surely buy the tickets for the draw to be held on every Friday night. The tickets are not too pricey with one line being available for £2. There are retail outlets spread out across the UK selling tickets for both the National Lottery and the Euro millions. Some people may find it difficult to go to the retailers physically and buy the tickets and for them, there is the w88 club as the ticket buying option. There are many dedicated websites that sell tickets for the game. You must be 18 or above to buy the tickets. Buying a ticket will enable you to participate in the draw taking place every Friday night. Although the draw takes place in Paris, it is televised in the UK and shown live to anyone who can access the channel.

Winning the Jackpot

No matter in which country you reside, you will get the entire jackpot amount if you have all the entries correct in the Euro millions of results. Even if you stay in Switzerland, you will get the entire jackpot amount provided you are above 18 and have all the entries correct. But for the other prizes of the lottery, the winner will only get a percentage of the funds invested by his country in the game. He will not have to pay any taxes in the UK. The Euro millions is different from the UK lotto and you have to buy tickets separately for both. Each of them can be played by buying tickets which are available at the same retail outlets and websites but you cannot exchange one for the other.

Rollover Amount

The main attraction of the game is because of the rollover of the jackpot amount. The Euro millions of results are eagerly awaited to see if anyone wins the jackpot or it is rolled over again. Since this results in a bigger amount, everyone feels happy and feels like buying the ticket again to see if they can be the lucky winner next time. But unfortunately, this process can only be repeated till the 11th time. If there is no clear winner in the 12th week, the jackpot is shared by people who are in the next tier, that is, they have 6 of the seven entries correct. There may be many belonging to different countries to have this same combination. But the jackpot will be divided equally. The next draw will have the initial jackpot amount again and you can again look forward to the Euro millions of results.

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Matthew Noyola is a colorful adult trying to establish himself as an eSports writer. He also wishes to participate in a global poker tournament.

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